Quiz rarely tells me which questions were wrong

When I take one of the quizzes, I get a message telling me how many I got correct. However, it rarely tells me which questions were wrong. In TestGuy Classic, it would tell the first 10 incorrect answers. Would it be possible to implement the same functionality on the revamped website?

Thank you.

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Could you give some examples of your scores and number of expected questions when this happens? The system should be showing the frist 1/3 of questions you missed. Perhaps if your score is too high, that number ends up being too low. We are looking into this…

I’ve noticed it the most when I get 23 or 24 out of 25 correct. If, I get 22 or lower, I’m usually shown at least one of the incorrect questions.

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Thanks for helping us confirm this is most likely the issue. The limit is completely removed for users with an active subscription. Next update should see a fix to set a minimum of 1 for everyone else.