Account Recovery Support

I had an old account with the old website with a years subscription but when porting over to new page it only allowed a new user based off of google. How to I retrieve my old account

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Check your inbox for instructions. Typically all we need to do is verify the email on your old account if it doesn’t match your new one.

Pretty sure it’s same email.

I payed for the pro edition and the exams will not show me the correct answers.

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A support ticket has been opened. Check your message inbox for further assistance.

I gotta say, this new setup is horrible so far for me personally. Where is the option to sign in with username and password?

What inspired this change??? Is my old account just gone?

Sorry for any inconvenience, you can read more about the recent upgrades here: Important Notice of Major Service Upgrade Planned for 2023

You may still access your old account if you wish via but you will not be able to create new topics. All of your existing information is still available.

If you would like to enjoy new features such as improved account security, a better discussion platform, and the ability to save exam results in your account, you will need to use a Google login.

Any time remaining on your Classic subscription can be moved to your new account. Our support staff is available to assist should you have any specific questions about migration.