User Accounts and How to Sign Up

About User Accounts

TestGuy uses Google Authentication for access to our individual apps and services. This security technology helps better protect your information, reduces your overall digital footprint, and safeguards our infrastructure from abuse.

How to Sign Up at TestGuy

Creating a Google account is free and only takes a few minutes. If you have ever used Google services like Gmail and YouTube, own an Android device, or sign into the Chrome web browser, chances are you already have an account that can be used on TestGuy!

Gmail is not required. You can create a Google account using a non-gmail address. Simply enter the email you wish to use when selecting Create account.

Want to remain anonymous or create a second account for work? Google authentication makes having multiple accounts easy. When you sign in, simply select the alternate account you wish to use on TestGuy or click “Create account.”

How to Sign in

Forget about trying to remember yet another website username and password. Just press the “Log In” button within any TestGuy application or service to sign in using your Google account. You will be directed by Google to select which account you wish to use with TestGuy.

What information is collected?

When you connect to TestGuy using your Google account, we will collect your name, email address, language preference, profile picture, and a unique ID. This information will automatically update to TestGuy each time you sign in. Before connecting for the first time, you can review our privacy policy and terms of service.

How to Recover your account

If you ever forget your Google password or username, or you are unable to receive verification codes, follow these steps to recover your Google Account.

Major Benefits of Google Authentication

  1. Account Management: Google makes managing multiple accounts easy when signing in. Any time you reset your password or update your user information within Google, it will automatically be updated on TestGuy the next time you sign in.

  2. Privacy: Your information is verified and managed by Google rather than being kept directly on TestGuy servers. When you sign in, we only retain minimal personal information from your account to identify you within our apps.

  3. Security: With Cross-Account Protection, TestGuy apps and services can use Google’s suspicious event detection to help keep you safer online. Anytime you sign in somewhere new, you can get alerts sent to your connected mobile device.

  4. Reduced Spam and Abuse: Using Google Authentication cuts down on bot-generated activity and abuse on our systems. This results in less overhead, greater reliability, and improved user safety.

  5. Smaller Digital Footprint: Third-party authentication reduces the need to create and remember an additional web service identity. This helps cut down on the amount of web infrastructure required to maintain your account within our system.

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