Dielectric withstand testing of CVTs

Wondering about anybody else’s experience with withstand/hi-pot testing of CVTs. Though NETA has this one marked with an asterisk, it was listed by a customer among the slew of other standard tests to be performed in the commissioning of a substation. Based on the ATS table, a voltage of 105 kV AC is given for 69kV units, which this one is.

I contacted Trench technical support to be safe and was told not to perform such a test on a unit that had the capacitor and low-voltage box put together, as this would saturate the transformer.

Anybody else run tests on similar units without issues? I am not trying to run the test against their recommendations, simply curious.

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Any time I have had to test CCVT’s, we utilized an AC Hipot to perform a ratio test. Most of them have been 240/120V secondaries. We would perform the insulation resistance test but would not perform optional testing. I haven’t ever been asked to perform “optional” tests when it pertains to CCVT’s.