Difference between NETA ATS 2017 and 2021 for testing newly installed transformers

“Are there any differences in the testing methods for newly installed transformers? The transformer in question is a 22.9kV transformer. (The voltage of transformers differs between the US and South Korea.) Our company currently possesses the ATS 2017, but we are considering purchasing the 2021 edition if there are significant differences. If there are no differences, we plan to use the 2017 edition and purchase the new revision when it comes out in 2025. What are your thoughts on this?”
Thank you !


Its always best to go with the most recent version of any standard however there are likely few if any major differences between ATS 2017 and the forthcoming 2025. It’s unlikely that every test is required in the standard. How much testing is done depends on the transformer’s intended duties, budget, and reliability requirements.

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