Doble Database surpasses 75 million data point milestone

Doble is celebrating the achievement of surpassing 75 million data points in the Doble Database — a monumental accomplishment in the realm of high-voltage asset analysis.

With access to over 75 million data points, FRANK leverages its years of experience and knowledge to extract hidden patterns, identify anomalies, and provide comprehensive recommendations for proactive maintenance strategies.

Just imagine what modern AI systems will be able to tell us about equipment life expectancy with a database of this size. Doble claims they have records dating back to 1934. How much better will FRANK’s satistical analysis become in the near future?

By analyzing such a vast amount of data, AI could uncover previously unknown correlations, relationships, or insights about electrical apparatus. These discoveries can lead to new understanding, innovation, and improvements in asset management strategies.

With access to a rich database like Doble’s, AI systems can provide comprehensive insights, identify hidden patterns, and offer actionable recommendations for proactive maintenance strategies.

Some other types of insights and statistical analyses that could be greatly improved:

  • Identify patterns and trends in the behavior of electrical apparatus.
  • Evaluate the condition of electrical apparatus based on historical data, and performance trends.
  • Detect recurring issues, predict failure modes, and optimize maintenance schedules.
  • Identify anomalies or deviations from normal operating conditions.
  • Develop predictive models to forecast the remaining useful life of electrical apparatus.
  • Analyze data from failed equipment to identify root causes and failure mechanisms.
  • Provide recommendations for optimizing the performance of electrical apparatus based on historical data and analysis.
  • Compare the performance of similar equipment across different installations, regions, or operating conditions.

Perhaps the most exciting advancement would be 24/7 equipment condition monitoring combined with a Doble Database FRANK API for real-time analysis.

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