Doble PowerBase Opens Test Data Across the Web

A newly released web version of PowerBase from Doble gives field technicians, engineers and supervisors on-demand access to electrical test data and reports through the convenience of a web browser. More team members can now view critical records from anywhere, without needing to log into the network client application or purchase additional licenses.

PowerBase synchronizes data and reports whenever changes are made in the desktop application. The interface replicates that of the desktop version but with enhanced dashboards, while retaining the core functionality that users expect. Settings files can be uploaded or downloaded directly from the UI and users can easily run or print saved reports. Test results generated from Doble Protection Suite and RTS protection test software can also be opened for viewing.


Nice to see Doble moving toward web based test management. RESA power has a web based test data management portal for their clients as well. I expect this trend to continue across the industry in addition to more interoperability between test data software.