Eaton VCP-W secondary test cabinet

I’ve found while testing Eaton VCP-W type circuit breakers at the test cabinet or utilizing a test cable. That the connection is poor and sometimes comes loose causing under voltage events on the plug and overheating contacts. I’m wondering if anyone has run into similar issue and what have been your solutions.

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Absolutely. When using the CH/EATON Secondary Test Stand we always turn DC Power off when connecting test plug. We have replaced more then a few breaker mounted and cell mounted secondary harness/connector assemblies over the years at a number of facilities. Racking into cell results in the motor charge connector pins arcing. We have used DC knife switch in cell for racking in also I believe. When you use the CH/EATON Breaker Ramp to withdraw lower level breakers directley to floor (no cart used) the breaker mounted secondary contact block can be broken upon withdrawal. This results in the connectors not lining up correctly and makes the arcing pin issues worse.