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Routine maintenance helps prevent unexpected breakdowns and downtime by detecting and resolving issues before they escalate into major problems. Many industry standards and regulations require periodic maintenance of electrical equipment to ensure compliance with safety and performance requirements.

The TestGuy Pro Maintenance Frequency Module makes it easy to lookup recommended maintenance intervals for over 60 different types of electrical distribution equipment. You can name and save your selections to a CSV file for import to a spreadsheet program to kick-start your maintenance plan.

Key Features

1. Easy Lookup: Quickly find recommended maintenance intervals for various types of electrical distribution equipment.

2. Standards Compliance: Choose from NETA MTS, NFPA 70B, or a combination of both when building your CSV file, ensuring adherence to industry standards and regulations.

3. Customization: Name and save your selections to a CSV file for convenient import into spreadsheet programs, allowing you to tailor your maintenance plan to your specific needs.

NETA Frequency of Maintenance Tests

NETA acknowledges that an effective maintenance program should be reliability-based and tailored to each plant and equipment. To facilitate this, NETA’s Standards Review Council has devised a time-based maintenance schedule and matrix, which takes into account a variety of factors.

Equipment Type: Select apparatus category and voltage class, as applicable.

Equipment Condition: Assess the suitability of the equipment for continued operation in its intended environment based on inspection and test results. Select from three options: Poor, Average, and Good.

Reliability Requirement: Determine the criticality of each piece of equipment relative to the overall system by considering your facility’s unique needs. Select from three levels: Low, Medium, and High.

Recommendation: NETA outlines standard intervals for each equipment type, which are then adjusted using a multiplier based on both the equipment condition and the reliability requirement.

NFPA Maintenance Intervals

NFPA 70B outlines maintenance frequency in cases where manufacturer recommendations are unavailable. According to the standard, maintenance shall be conducted at specified intervals. While the standard does not focus on reliability, it provides three equipment conditions that aid in determining the maintenance frequency required.

Equipment Type: Select the type of equipment to be maintained.

Equipment Condition: Select the equipment condition as specified in NFPA 70B. Condition 1 is like new equipment.

Recommendation: NFPA 70B specifies a variety of inspections and tests for each type of equipment, each with their own required interval. The frequency is adjusted with the equipment condition.

Save to Memory

The “Save to Memory” function enables you to create a personalized CSV file containing your maintenance interval selections. This file can be utilized to generate equipment inventory lists or initiate your maintenance plan seamlessly.

After making your selection, select the “Save to Memory” button and give the equipment entry a name when prompted. Repeat for additional items.

When you are done adding equipment, select “Download CSV” and save the file to your local machine. Open the CSV file to your spreadsheet program to edit and format to your specifications.

Select “Clear Memory” to create a new file. Be sure you have downloaded your file before clicking this button to avoid accidentally losing your work.

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