MV ammeter open jaw

Has anyone ever had luck measuring insulated MV power wire with a regular LV clamp on ammeter? I have a really nice MV open jaw ammeter that I tried to use but the currents going through the wires were, I think, too small for my meter to pick up. The MV ammeter I’m referring to is an hde 2000 and can be seen here HD Electric HVA-2000 High Voltage Digital Ammeter up to 500kV
I really need to get some accurate current measurements of some MV switchgear and because the existing switchgear instrumentation is not reliable the only option I can think of is to amp clamp the wire.
If you have had this problem and found a work around let me know! Thanks yall

Probably not a good idea to use a LV clamp meter around MV cable. If the cable is shielded you wont get a reading, not to mention the voltage hazard. You will need to hookup to the secondary of the instrumentation transformers located in the switchgear with a multimeter and a 5A mini-clamp. This is how you would also hook up a power quality monitor. If the instrumentation is not reliable, might be a good time to replace.


Good advice! Will do

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