NETA 2 Study Recommendations That Helped You

Hello everyone, I am trying to acquire my level 2. I’ve been in the testing field little over a year now. an still haven’t scratch the surface yet. I keep taking the tech test quizzes ,but not doing the greatest. is there any recommendations that helped you?I am eager to learn and willing to take any advice.

thank you


I think one of the most important items would be to work as much overtime as possible. You need to be exposed to testing. Working overtime provides 2 things: 1) you are typically exposed to older equipment during overtime hours (emergency calls, power outages, etc); 2) you exponentially expose yourself to more things by working more hours. Ask questions, keep a notebook. Any question you ask, write it down and make sure you get a good understanding. I think you just need more onsite experience.

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One thing that helps me is really reading up on a test or piece of equipment pre and post job. If you know your going to be going to do fall potential read up on the process of doing it before ( where to hook up leads, steps to the test, etc.) then read up on the theory after. I find it’s hard to read theory if I haven’t at least seen what’s going on but the visual memories really tie everything together. The Paul Gill book is pretty good for this but he can go pretty high level quick so don’t be afraid to stop reading before the section is over. No need to cram level 4 or engineer stuff in your brain before your a 2.

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@Humantorquewrench That is great advice. These newer test sets attempt to turn us into monkeys and be button pushers. While it is great technology, but you still need to understand and interpret the results you are getting. You also need to know what to do when the test set gives an error or doesn’t like your connections. Before you press the “GO” button, you should already have an expectation of what is going to happen and what results you might see. Understanding what the equipment is doing is extremely important to making you a better TestGuy!

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