NETA Level 3 Advice/Reassurance

Passed the NETA 2 first try by just taking nonstop quizzes on here until my test. The last few weeks I have approached studying for my NETA 3 the same way. I haven’t seen a lot of recent forum activity for NETA 3 exam category just looking for reassurance that the quizzes are still helpful and that I shouldn’t be just paying to take the NETA practice exams.

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My opinion - the quizzes will always be relevant. They should be pointing you in a direction of what material to study. There will always be more to study from but quizzes are relevant.


Congrats on passing! So I just recently took my 3 and failed it. But some things that I stumbled on were questions about PLCs or just SCADA in general and some basic relay questions like what are common issues when you’re trying to communicate with them. So any reading you can do on those topics will benefit you greatly. Good luck on your journey brother!