Other testing software similar to power db

WE just became NETA certified. We currently use Power DB. It has been a nightmare. Is there any program out there similar to PowerDb that can generate reports?


We have been using PDB since 2005. What are your issues?
Are you trying to something special or different?
Just curious.


I’ve been using PowerDB for quite some time. I think it’s great. We make our own custom forms and make them universal to be able to hide and show different tests. Most customers hate “blank” fields. So if we aren’t performing a test, we don’t even show it.


Short answer is no. Some of the largest testing firms still use excel forms or handwrite.

PowerDB is good if you have someone familiar with SQL databases and custom form design. Out of the box, it is not very intuitive and very buggy. You need someone at your company to quarterback database management and form design.

It is the best program I’ve worked with for generating large reports. Being able to sync data with other technicians is critical. It can also interface with several different test instruments, either directly or by file import.

Some companies have lots of success, while others struggle. What kind of issues are you having? I have been part of several PowerDB user groups and have worked with databases at several different companies, including form design. Maybe I can give some insight.

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