Passed My NETA LEVEL 2 exam, some pointers for anyone studying

Hey Guys,

i just wrote my NETA test today and passed. some pointers that caught me off guard

make sure you are familiar with the type of calculator neta gives you. it is an electronic calculator online, not a physical calculator. TI-30XS multiview calculator model.

i wasted a few minutes trying to figure out how to put the calculator in degree mode and had two questions on add vectors with angles, couldn’t figure out how to input the angles into the calculator properly. oh well

Not sure if anyone else can relate but i found the NETA test way easier than the testguy practice exams, which is good. studied about 3 hours a day for about a week. did about a dozen practice exams marks were in the 50s, then by the end of the week i was getting 70s and 80s. so dont be discouraged if you get a low mark on the practicie exams like i did.

other than that study study study. had surprisingly alot fo safety question related to NFPA (which is not valid in canada where im from) but oh well a pass is a pass.

hope this helps



I passed my NETA 2 in December of 2023. I took 20 practice exams from Testguy and studied my NETA MTS and ATS book. I’m studying for my NETA 3 now. Good luck everyone.

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