Schneider “I-Line Enable” Transforms Digital Communications

I-Line Enable Module is an all-new, easy to install, digital module solution for the I-Line panelboard. The newly released module by Schneider provides customized solutions in any new or existing equipment that contains the flagship I-Line assembly, such as a switchboard or panelboard.

Fitting into the I-Line bus in place of a breaker, it allows the equipment to be transformed into a digital communication or metered electrical distribution solution. Easy to install with only a screwdriver, it reduces the potential for exposure and integrates digital solutions without increasing equipment footprint.


This module was recently on display at 2022 NECA but hard to find any good media of it in action as of now. I really like the concept of a digital module you can install directly in an I-Line breaker spot. It apparently won the NECA show stopper award, so it must be good.