Studying for NETA 3, any recommendations or areas of focus?

Plan on taking the NETA 3 test, any recommendations for studying?

From what I remember from the test:

Lots of parallel/series and combination inductor circuits.

Some with vars/kvars calculations

Typical device numbers

  • 21 distance
  • 27 under voltage
  • 47 phase sequence
  • 50/51
  • 67 directional relay
  • 86 lockout relay
  • 87 diff

There is an odd one asking about ground fault neutral/ground connections; there was another question about them I used to figure out what they were talking about (ground on other side of CT could cause unit not to trip is the correct response I think)

Lot of table questions referring to hipot test voltages for new and service aged cables, breaker DLRO readings, ETC

Couple of questions about SF6, don’t go down the google rabbit hole too far. Must be >97% purity, memorize ASTM tests

No Duvall triangle, but some ASTM TX tests. Memorize units for tests (MMOH or whatever for acid number)

There is some print reading, look at what the device trips FIRST that is what they are looking for. So if a 51 contact rolls an 86 that trips a breaker say it rolls the 86. LOOK CAREFULLY at the prints they put weird stuff in there (86-1, 86-2 both in trip circuit but one is actuated by an a contact and one by a b contact).

There was an interesting one on logic gates; look at the table. If you understand AND/OR/NOT it is pretty easy to narrow down.

See this : NETA III Test Feb 2020

Look at harmonic restraint for differentials; basically that keeps the unit from tripping on inrush; that was on the test.

Some fault calculation stuff and PPE stuff; just remember the weird numbers like 1.2 cal is the absolute minimum PPE.

It’s 100 questions, pretty sure I bombed the math portion but I did it in under an hour.

Clicked review on everything I didn’t immediately know and moved on.

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