TestGuy Exam Bank Surpasses 2900 Questions

We are excited to announce the addition of 80+ new questions to our practice exam bank, putting the total count at just over 2900. The team has been working hard getting exam material updated with the latest info from NETA ETT-2022. New question additions include: safety, electrical theory, DC circuits, test equipment, and power factor testing. Here are the latest stats from the exam bank:

There are currently 2904 total questions in the database.
137 in the ETT Level 1 category.
1057 in the ETT Level 2 category.
1187 in the ETT Level 3 category.
434 in the ETT Level 4 category.
67 in the ANSI Device Numbers category.
9 in the Basic Knowledge category.
13 in the Advanced Knowledge category.

You can view these stats anytime by visiting the main Tech Quiz page. The totals for each category are updated every 24 hours.

The team is adding even more practice exam questions this week, bringing the total additions for July at well over 150 new items. The entire TestGuy quiz collection now exceeds 3000 questions, making it one of the largest and most comprehensive study resources available for electrical test technicians.