The New Discourse Server is Live!

Get ready for a better way to stay connected on TestGuy. Discourse is a discussion platform with a powerful set of features and modern user interface. We will be running some BETA tests over here for a bit and inviting members to try out the new platform.

We are making progress getting content ported over, most of the technical articles and references so far but there is still work to do. The goal is to update existing content and reorganize by end of May. We should have a new version of the study guide out by the end of the summer.

Everything will still remain on the existing server while we are in BETA. First batch of invites went out to pro subscribers today for the app and wiki. Please contact support if you want to start using the BETA site.

Study guide has been upgraded with a better interface and is now part of the BETA app. Guide content is expected to be fully updated for ECS 2022 within a few months…

User certification badges are now available on BETA. This will allow you to display your certification level alongside your posts. Check out this thread for details and how to get started: How to get a verification badge on TestGuy