Thermography (IR) Tools Now Available in Pro Console

Check out the all new Thermography (IR) Tools dashboard, now available in the TestGuy Pro App. This module makes it easy to identify infrared action levels based on NETA standards. You can also quickly convert temperature units, look up emissivity values, and identify important terms.

  • Identify infrared action levels based on ambient temperature or similar components.
  • Save values to memory and export action levels to CSV file.
  • Quickly look up emissivity values for common materials:
  • Easily convert between Fahrenheit, Celsius, and Kelvin temperature units:
  • Reference important terms and definitions related to thermography:

This module can be found under “Maintenance” in the Pro Console or by direct link: Thermography (IR) Tools

Please note that you must have an active Pro Subscription in order to access this module.