Transformer table of standard torque specs

One key task of maintaining a transformer is making sure the mechanical connections are properly tightened with the correct amount of torque. Without a known set of specifications, technicians will run the risk of overtorquing the connection.

Overtightening can put excessive pressure on the materials and components of the connection. This can lead to deformation, cracks, or breakage, leaving the transformer at risk of failure.

Maddox has published a set of standard torque specs for several of their transformer designs. The table contains some important information about the torque values for different components of the transformer, such as Arrester Disconnect SW and DV Switch.

Technicians working on other types of transformers may also find this useful as reference in absence of other information. Overall, its a good reference to keep in your library.

Standard Transformer Torque Specs - Maddox.pdf (965.4 KB)