Community Update 7/23: Expanded Exams Database, Bug Fixes, and Streamlined Forums

Our latest community update brings a multitude of exciting improvements, including an expanded exam database, comprehensive bug fixes, and streamlined forums. Read on to uncover how these advancements are designed to empower and enrich your experience within TestGuy.

1. Expanded Exam Database

We’re excited to announce that our exam database has grown with over 300 new questions! Covering important topics such as NFPA 70E, Partial Discharge Testing, Stator Core Condition Assessment, Distribution Automation Networks, Reclosers, Battery Fault Locating, OSHA Standards, Grounding, and much more. These new additions bring our exam bank to a total of over 3500 questions specifically tailored to electrical testing and maintenance.

2. Standards Updates

We believe in keeping up with the latest industry standards to ensure our content remains relevant and aligned with the best practices. Our team is currently working diligently to update questions and references to reflect the latest editions of NETA MTS-2023, NFPA 70B-2023, and NFPA 70E-2024. These updates ensure that our exams and resources are in line with the most up-to-date industry guidelines.

3. Bug Fixes

Our community members helped us identify and resolve a bug that was affecting the display of category breakdowns on some exam results. We’re happy to share that moving forward, your test results will include a category link for each question, enabling you to easily review specific topics. Additionally, you’ll find a comprehensive percentage summary table at the end of your ETT exam results, providing you with an overview of your performance.

4. Community Improvements

We value your input and strive to continuously enhance your community experience. To streamline our forums and make discussions more efficient, we have merged several related topics and reorganized them for better navigation. We’ve also renamed some discussion titles to ensure clarity and improve content discoverability. These improvements aim to make your interactions within our community more seamless.

We’re committed to providing you with the best resources, support, and community environment for your electrical testing and certification journey. These updates and enhancements reflect our dedication to continually improve and ensure you have the most valuable experience possible.

As always, we appreciate your engagement and feedback. If you have any questions, suggestions, or feedback to share, please join the conversation and let us know. Together, let’s keep building a strong and vibrant community that empowers electrical testing professionals worldwide!