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The site you guys have here is great for practicing for NETA exams. I think it would be even better if we had the option to see the correct answer after we answer each question instead of trying to reference them at the end of each exam. Maybe this could be added to the “live hints” option before starting an exam?

Also, the ability to save my progress on an exam and come back later would be great for times I only get 15-30 minutes to study.

Thank you!


Thank you for the kind feedback. We can implement a “reveal answer” feature along with “live hints,” the only problem is we don’t want to encourage users to memorize answers. We currently have the exams structured in a way to stress the importance of underlying concepts and theory included with the supporting reference material.

When you have limited study time its recommended to take the shorter “ETT Tech Quiz.” The original ETT/NETA Practice Exams are intended to be used in full, without live hints enabled, to simulate a real world testing environment.

Let’s see if we can get 25 likes on your post and “reveal answer” will be included along with the next exam software update. Any additional feedback from the community on this feature is welcomed.

Would it be possible to get the full test results of all questions, right and wrong, once a test is completed, with their original question numbers? Doing so would allow me to look at what I did right along with what I did wrong and reference the notes I have while taking the test. For example if I am unsure of question 10 while taking the exam I can look at my notes for number 10 and compare those notes with what I answered and what the correct answer was. As I currently see it, if I were to misclick and answer question 10 correctly by accident there would be no way for me to go back to that question and understand what happened.

Unless I am missing an option somewhere, the question number in my notes (the original test question number) don’t match the question number on the results unless I got all of the question wrong, leading up to said question.