Pro App Development Changelog

All notable changes made to the TestGuy Pro App (including the tech quiz) will be documented here. Please suggest new features and updates in the main Pro Console Support and Development thread.

Report any issues with the practice exam question bank technical accuracy in the Exam Question Technical Review Thread.

  • 2.0.3: Fixed rounding issue with number of missed questions at end of exam.

  • 2.0.2: Using the back button on the exam page will no longer throw an error and returns to the previous page. The forward button or navigation links can be used to return to the exam in progress.

  • 2.0.1: Exam results will now notify when a question was marked for review. Progress dashboard can now filter chart by individual exams. Added rotating machinery quiz. Improved performance.

  • 2.0: Re-tooled from the ground up. Added: Save exam results to My Progress, new ETT 2022 Study Guide, Expanded Terms Library, Subscription Manager. Log in with Google. Web Directory. Ground Fault Protection Form.

  • 1.14: Added search filter to modules dashboard. Streamlined side navigation menu.

  • 1.13: Major bug fixes and improvements. Added ability to open saved data directly from the nav menu.

  • 1.12.2: Re-organized menu structure. Minor tweaks, bug fixes, and improvements.

  • 1.12.1: More test forms added. Print quality improved.

  • 1.12: Added several new test forms. Minor bug fixes and improvements.

  • 1.11.3: Improved file save function. File extension no longer required in dialog. Adjust browser download settings to display “save file as” window.

  • 1.11.2: Added “General Inspection” test form. Improved global test form controls and print quality.

  • 1.11.1: Merged Transformer Winding and Transformer Calculations Module

  • 1.11: Improved Breaker MVA Calculator and Percent Error Calculator. Added CSV capability to Percent Error Calculator.

  • 1.10: Added Transformer Winding and Infrared Tools modules. Added “Maintenance” category to navigation.

  • 1.9: Added CRDB to Circuit Breakers and minor bug fixes.

  • 1.8: Added Digitrip GF and Maintenance Frequency modules.

  • 1.7: Added Bus Duct IR Converter and Motor Torque Calculator.

  • 1.6: Added Maintenance Frequency Tool and AC Voltage Calculations.

  • 1.5: Module-based permissions, improved backend. Added Maintenance Frequency module.

  • 1.4: Added Fall of Potential electronic test form. Improved navigation menu.

  • 1.3: Added protective relay Loss of Excitation worksheet.

  • 1.2: Added percent error calculation and circuit breaker MVA calculator.

  • 1.1: Improved navigation menu with collapsible categories. Moved “My Progress” from dashboard to “Study Tools.”