Tech Quiz Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find answers to most of the commonly asked questions about the TestGuy tech quiz. Please use the Question Bank Technical Review thread to report issues with question accuracy and discuss other changes.

What is the required percentage to pass the practice test?

A score of 83 or higher is required to pass the practice exams. The passing score was raised to compensate for the weighted average used on the more difficult NETA exams.

Is there a time period where the quiz leaderboard resets? I made a high enough score to appear on the leaderboard but I am not on it.

There is no subscription requirement to view or appear on the leaderboard. The scores are updated daily and we have since added a note indicating the time frame displayed. Best of luck to you!

While taking practice exams it unlocked the answers and reference material. I logged off and now having trouble finding past results. Any suggestions?

Exam results should be displayed on the Tech Quiz page once a test is completed as long as you don’t click “Exit Exam”, “Take Another Exam”, log off or close your web browser. If you navigate away from the page during your session, you can return by clicking on “Tech Quiz” from the main menu. You can print the results page to PDF through your web browser, most PDF printers retain web links.

Pro subscribers may review past exam results saved in “My Progress.” Results will only be saved when your subscription is active but can be reviewed at any time. Upgraded accounts also have the option of using “Live Help” links during an exam. If you get stuck on a question and find a link that you want to save for later you can bookmark it through your web browser.